Apparition of our Mother of Love, Peace & Joy to Emma on Sept. 08, 2006

Mt. of Salvation, Batangas, Philippines

Emma: “I saw Our Lady surrounded by nine beautiful angels.  She was  wearing a white gown with a golden sash on Her waist.  There was a bright golden light all around her. I was so happy to see Her smiling.

I sang `Happy Birthday’ on Her special day. She said,

“Thank you, my child.” 

There was a light on her right palm and a big bright light on Her breast.  She said to me,

“The light on my hand is you, my children.  you are my little lights who light up the world from darkness.  You are the light of the world, my children.  And this light came from the source of light, who is My Son Jesus.  He is the Light.

Photo taken by a Pilgrim at the Mt. of Salvation during the apparition of the Blessed Mother
Photo taken at the Mt. of Salvation during the apparition of the Blessed Mother by a Pilgrim/visitor

“I ask my children to light up their candles (or lamps) towards their brothers and sisters.  Do not worry if you have a small candle to light. This little candle will never go out if you will continue to light up your light towards others.   Do not focus on whether your neighbors have a big candle; no matter how small or how big your candle is, you are all special in the Heart of My Son.  He loves you, my children.  I also ask my children who have big lights, not to focus on their own because the light will go out if you do not light your candle towards others.  Go my children; light up your lights to the world.  Light your candle towards your brothers and sisters so they will be able to see that they also have candles to light.”

“I want to thank you all for the beautiful flowers you offered on this day.  Your prayer is a miracle, my children.  You are here praying together and that is a miracle.  Everything you offered on the altar is already blessed.  All your intercessory prayer requests will be brought to Heaven. I am your Mother who will always be with you.  I will help you, my children, to light up your candles.  I love you, my little lights.”

“The Blessed Mother looked around and she disappeared with the angels.”

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