The Apparition of Our Lady of Piat in Cagayan, Philippines to Emma C. de Guzman

I am the Lady of Piat. I want to thank my children who came from afar just to be here. You are my children who listen to my invitation. I am your mother who calls you to come to the Mountain of Salvation. You are on the pilgrimage, my children. You are on the pilgrimage to salvation.


I love you, my children. I will always be with you on this pilgrimage. I protect you under my immaculate mantle. Thank you for accepting my invitation to come to the Mountain of Salvation, of peace, love and joy.


Shrine of Our Lady of Piat  / Piat, Cagayan, Philippines  /  December 11, 2004  /  Approx. 7:45 A.M.



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