About Emma



Emma C. de Guzman was born into a very poor family in Cabanatuan City, Philippines on December 08, 1949, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, the Mother of God.  She was widowed at the age of 26 with three children: Maria  Novena, Romulo(+) and Marvin.  She lost her husband when her oldest child was 5 years old.

In 1984 Emma took employment in Singapore as domestic helper to raise her three growing children.  Through her fervent prayers, God made it possible for her to move from Singapore to Canada as a live-in nanny in 1986.  Emma started to receive her spiritual and mystical gifts on September 8, 1991, the Feast of the Blessed Mother’s birth at the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima in Youngstown, Buffalo, New York, USA.

From then on Emma experienced  mystical apparitions from the  Blessed Virgin Mary, our Lord Jesus Christ and a number of Saints and Angels.

She also received messages in different languages even if she only understood English and Tagalog.

For nine years, she suffered all the wounds through the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ and received mystical communion through the bleeding hosts from the Angel of the Eucharist.

On many occasions , Emma  was  extraordinarily  blessed to view the Souls in Purgatory; experienced the phenomenon of bi-location; roses coming out from  her chest; oozing oil; odor of sanctity and manifestation  of gold dust; as well as  the ability to read souls.



Emma is a very simple and humble child of God.  Her humility is expressed in unceasing acceptance and dependence on the Will of God. She is absolutely obedient to the authority and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and its  Magisterium.  She fully acknowledges that her Mystical Gifts are not hers and is fully aware that she does not take glory in them. Everything is God’s will to relieve human suffering of the soul and the body.


Emma with Soledad Gaviola founded the La Pieta International Prayer Group in Kingston, Ontario, Canada in September of 1991.  The mission of La Pieta is to bring the message of peace, love and joy to all ; to help the poor and destitute and to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior.

People have been deeply inspired by the ministry of Emma. Subsequently other La Pieta Prayer Groups were established in different countries, like:   The Canada, USA, France, Portugal, Sri Lanka, Poland, Australia and Philippines.


Emma has traveled to the many prayer groups through the invitations of the Coordinators and their Parish Priests.  Usually after each Eucharistic Celebration. Emma leads a Healing Service by praying with each person individually.  Her prayer is always for spiritual healing and conversion of the heart  that showed evidences  through many physical healings  of the body too.


Emma with Sol Gaviola (+)


God has also allowed her to touch the hearts of those she speaks with.  They significantly value her  spiritual  insights and sharing with deep inspiration and commitment to  the Jesus Ministry.

The La Pieta is based in Bloomsbury, New Jersey, where Emma hosts visits from many priests, prayer members and guests.

La Pieta International Prayer Groups espouse loyalty to the Holy Father, the Pope and live out the  traditional expression of  prayer life, such as  utmost reverence when receiving Holy Communion on the tongue and the women wearing  a white veil for Holy Mass.