How did La Pieta came to be?


On September 08, 1991, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God in Jesus Christ made her first apparition to Visionary Emma C. de Guzman at the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima at Youngstown, New York.

Subsequently, on the same month Emma received a heavenly message from the Blessed Virgin Mary that she will bestow on Emma’s altar something that will accompany her prayer journey from house to house. From then on, her friend Soledad “Sol” Gaviola (+) from her home in Kingston, Ontario started the prayer group, where some friends had joined.

On October, 1991. Sol found a “La Pieta” icon/statue from a garage sale. She brought it home, cleaned it and put it up on the altar.




Message of Jesus to Emma

Ultimately, the Lord Jesus Christ came to visit Emma in November 1991, under a tree and said:

“My Father gave the name La Pieta to your group because you see My sufferings and My Beloved Mother’s sufferings together. Through that icon, My people will open their eyes to see, and open their ears to listen. This mission will spread around the world.”


Jesus’ Message to Emma about La Pieta

Emma standing in front of the Holy tree where Jesus appeared to her.
Location: Marian Manor, Bloomsbury, New Jersey, US


Jesus Christ’s message is now being fulfilled as the La Pieta Prayer Groups reach out and share love, peace and joy to everyone through all the world.La Pieta Prayer groups were established in different countries in… Canada, USA, France, Portugal, Sri Lanka, Poland, Australia and Philippines. People have been deeply inspired by the Ministry of Emma.

Subsequently, Emma has traveled to many prayer groups through the invitations of the Coordinators and their Parish Priests.



Usually after each Eucharistic celebration, Emma leads a healing service by praying with each person individually. Her prayer is always for spiritual healing and conversion of the heart that showed evidences through many physical healing of the body too. God has also allowed her to touch the hearts of those she speaks with.

La Pieta International Prayer Group is located in New Jersey, where Emma hosts visits from many priests, prayer group members and guests.



We are one Secular Institute in the La Pieta International Prayer Group living and striving toward renewing the world in Christ through Mary.



In line with our vision, we undertake the mission of forming prayer groups, which are centered on Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist; consecrated to the Blessed Mother and inspired by God in imitating her virtues; committed in complete loyalty to the Roman Catholic Church;