Message of Mother of Love, Peace and Joy to visionary Emma on September 8, 2010

Mountain of Salvation, Batangas City, Philippines | 12:58 A.M.

Emma:  There were angels of light that came down and formed an arch in front of me and the Blessed Mother appeared in the center of the golden light. She said,


 “My dear children, I am the Mother of Love, Peace and Joy, who came from heaven to be with you on this special day. It pleases my immaculate heart to see my children who came from afar uniting themselves together in prayer. I, your mother, unite with your intense prayers for peace and unity in the world.

I can feel the excitement in your hearts because of my visit to this humble mountain. I also see your sorrowful hearts, knowing the sufferings and pains you feel for your loved ones — your illnesses, struggles, and difficulties in your lives — the separation between families, and especially the journeys of the children. I am here to ask my children, not to give up hope. My Son Jesus will heal your sorrows, pains, sicknesses, problems, and those problems of your families. Trust in the Lord, my children. Offer everything at the foot of the Cross and the grace of peace will come upon you. My Son Jesus is your hope, my children.

Many of you don’t know what the Will of God is. Do you think that everything that is happening to you is the will of God? The Will of God is beautiful because it is the Will of My Son. You will better understand that the Will of God comes to you, when you offer it with prayers and sacrifices.   God will open the door for you to receive peace in your hearts, no matter what consequences occur.   This is the total abandonment to the Will of God.

I know you are also here because of the great love you have for My Son.   I ask my children, Do you also give this love to your brothers and sisters? The sin of pride separates the love that God wants us to give to Him and one another. “


The Blessed Mother looked down on her children and said,

“I thank the apostles of God, who are here to witness what is desired for you. This day, I call the apostles of God to be apostles of truth.”


Then the Blessed Mother was smiling and said,

“Thank you for all the preparations and beautiful flowers that are offered at the altar and also thank you my little priest for putting this beautiful crown and mantle on me’.”


The Blessed Mother looked at me smiling and said,

‘Happy anniversary, my child,


and I said, ‘Happy birthday Blessed Mother and blew her a kiss.’

“Thank you my dear little children. I love you.”


Then the Blessed Mother disappeared, followed by the angels. The Blessed Mother gave me a personal message before she disappeared.

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