December 08, 2010 – Message

Emma: I saw many angels in front of the people and some were on the trees. There was a figure that was forming in the middle of the bright golden light. I saw the Blessed Mother come out from the bright light. She was smiling and said;

“My dear children, I am your Mother of love, peace and joy.”

She looked around and said,

“I thank the Heavenly Father for allowing me to be with you on this special day. You are my children who came bringing your intentions for the healings of your loved ones, problems and difficulties in your lives, and sicknesses in your bodies. You are here to offer these intentions at the altar of God.”

The Blessed Mother said,

“I was here with the saints and angels, watching and listening to all intense prayers you offered to My Son, Jesus.”


Emma: I was happy when I saw my favorite saints, St. John the Apostle, St. Magdalen de Pazzi, St. Teresa of Avila, and St. Therese of Lisieux. They were looking at the people with beautiful smiles.

The Blessed Mother continues:

“I am pleased to hear your inspirational words and the sharing of my little son, to his brothers and sisters, which is the sanctification of the human life. This is a gift for you, to see the beauty of God’s creation. Your lives are special, my children.   God has a beautiful plan in your land.”


“There are things that are not done according to the Will of God. Just open your eyes and hearts to see what is happening in your surroundings. I ask my children to bring compassion and love to those who are in need. Here are the poor children to whom you need to reach out. Do what the desire of God is for you to fulfill; that is, do His Will.”


“Remember what My Son said to His children, “What I promised, I will fulfill; what I have said, I will do.” She said: “Your little islands will be the light of the world and an example to the nations. This is your faith. Stand and be firm. Do not waste your time focusing on negativity.”


The Blessed Mother looked upon the priests and said,

“I am pleased and happy to see my priests here and joining with their people. I encourage the apostles of God to be with the people and pray at this humble mountain. You are the shepherds of my Son Jesus to lead and guide your flock. Bring them to My Son Jesus, and fill the House of God with my children. My Son is always there and waiting.”


“Today I ask my children to be joyful, for this is an advent season.   Sing and glorify the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!”


“I love you my dear children.”


Then the Blessed Mother disappeared, followed by the saints and angels.


Mountain of Salvation /  Batangas, Philippines  /  December 8, 2010


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