Message of Mother of Love, Peace and Joy to visionary Emma on September 08, 2011

Mountain of Salvation, Batangas, Philippines

Emma: This visit with the Blessed Mother was different than her other visits.  It was unusual because there were fewer angels, around 20, who came down before the Blessed Mother appeared.   There were no saints that accompanied her.   The Blessed Mother appeared as Our Mother of Love Peace and Joy. She looked at me with a little formal smile and greeted me with,”

`Happy Birthday, my child.’

I thanked the Blessed mother.  When I looked at the Blessed Mother, I felt in my heart that she was not happy with her visit to the people. She looked around as she had done before, but there was disappointment on her face. The Blessed Mother said,”

“I am here to bring this message of forgiveness and reconciliation for my children, my children who cannot forgive their brothers and sisters.

…..“Whenever I come, I can see that my children are happy listening to my messages, but my children do not follow some of my messages, especially my message of forgiveness and reconciliation. This is the only way to bring peace and unity to the people; people must forgive and reconcile and not live in the past. You must also heal your land by forgiving your brothers and sisters.   Do you have to wait for the ground to be shaken and opened, and to see the water coming down the mountain; to see my poor little children in that water, before you will say you are sorry? There is no voice for my little people to hear because of the pride and power.   Is there a voice for my little poor children to be heard?”

“…I ask you, my children, to heal your land by sharing your compassion and love with others. Before you can forgive others, you must first forgive yourselves, and then you will be able to reach out to one another.”


I believe this message was for the whole world, but especially for our country of the Philippines.

Blessed Mother said…

“I thank you my dear priests, for joining with my children in prayer. I love you my dear children. I will bring your prayer intentions to the Altar of God.”


The Blessed Mother disappeared followed by the angels.

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