Message of Mother of Love, Peace and Joy to visionary Emma on September 08, 2012

Mountain of Salvation, Batangas, Philippines | September 8, 2012

Emma: I was deep in prayer when I heard the chanting of the angels and the gushing of their wings flying down towards the people. The blessed Mother appeared in the middle of a bright golden light. She was smiling and said:

“I am your Mother of love, peace and joy. I am the Mediatrix before the Mediator.”

I greeted the Blessed Mother on her birthday. She looked at me and at the people with a smile and said:

“I want to thank my children who are here in prayer. Today, I ask all of you to remove all your worries, sufferings and problems. Do not focus on negativity nor worry about who is wrong or who is right. You are all my children whom I love. Trust in the Lord. You are here to celebrate this special day to be with Your Mother. This is the day to be joyful because your Mother, together with the angels, is with you.”

The Blessed Mother looked toward the other sides where the eight priests were seated, and she was smiling. She said:

“Thank you so much apostles of God for joining with my children in prayers. I encourage my children to pray and to be with priests. The gift you offered to your Mother that became joy in My heart, was when I saw you all receiving My Son Jesus at the Holy Mass with much faith and love.”

The Blessed Mother continued,

“All your petitions offered today will be brought to heaven and placed on the altar of God the Father. Please continue to pray, my children. Thank you so much for being here at the humble Mountain of Salvation. I love you my dear children!”


Emma: The Blessed Mother disappeared followed by the angels. The Blessed Mother gave me a personal message which will be announced soon at the right time.

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