Message of Mother of Love, Peace and Joy to visionary Emma on December 08, 2012

Mountain of Salvation, Batangas, Philippines  | 12:11 A.M.


I saw the Blessed Mother in a bright golden light. She was surrounded by many angels. The three Carmelite Saints (St. Mary Magdalen de Pazzi, St.Teresa of Avila and St. Theresa of Lisieux.   St. John the Apostle, appeared; Blessed Mother was in the middle.   She had a smile on Her face.

She said,

“I am the Mother of Love, Peace and Joy.   I am here; the saints and angels are here also to join with you in prayer. I thank my children for your commitment to be at this humble mountain in prayer.”


Emma: She looked upon the people and she said,

“My children, I ask you to be faithful to the Church. This is a battle between good and evil. There will be division of God’s children. But God does not want His people to be divided. Many of my children who say, ‘I believe in God; I praise You Lord, I follow Your commandments; I love You Lord,’ will not enter into the Kingdom of God because they did things their own way or loved the Lord when it was convenient. My children will be on the road to perdition because they follow the pleasures of the world. A day will come for my children when there will be grinding of teeth and it will be too late to say, ‘Forgive me Lord’.”


Then the Blessed Mother continued, looking at Her children with compassion and love, and said,

“You are here offering your petitions to God for the conversion of your family, loved ones, your sickness, struggles in life, and all your sufferings. I knew that when you have many worries, sometimes you give up hope. My Son Jesus is your only Hope. I can see that you, my children, are drowning under the water and will not event try to get out of the water.  Do you know that each of you have your own boat to sail? I am your Mother who will always help you get out of the water. I will assist you to ride in your boat. That boat will reach to the Ark, and that is the Ark of Salvation. What is happening today is a sign of the fig tree.”


The Blessed Mother looked down on the priests with smiles and She said:

“I thank you, apostles of God for being at this humble mountain. May you continue to preserve this holy mountain with prayers and to be with your people. I am your Mother who will intercede for your prayer requests to the Heavenly Father. I love you, my little children.”


Then the Blessed Mother disappeared, followed by the saints and angels.

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