Message of Mother of Love, Peace and Joy to visionary Emma on September 09, 2013

Mt. of Salvation, Batangas, Philippines

Emma: I was joining the people in prayer when I heard the angels chanting from above. I knelt down and contemplated in deep prayer.   I saw more than twelve angels coming down and forming   an arch in front of me.   Then I saw the Blessed Mother wearing a gold mantle with a gold sash on her waist. She was   accompanied   by St. Mary Magdalene de Pazzi, St Teresa of Avila, St. Therese of Lisieux, St. John the Apostle, and St. Faustina.


The Blessed Mother’s eyes were sad, although a little smile showed on her face. She said;

” Peace, peace my children.  I am the Mother of Peace.  I come to you my children to bring peace.  There is no peace in this world.  People say peace, but cannot find peace because of many destructions and struggles:  racism, religions, confusions, violence, kidnappings, social injustices, killings, terrorism, and political disputes as well as hatred that brings resentment and accusations towards others. War that brings darkness to the world.  There is no peace in society, and even in the family.

Peace is a gift from God.  It is given to His people who strive in their lives with their whole strength in total surrender to God’s Will, no matter what the consequences are.

You are blessed that God gave you a gift of life, so as to love. It is a grace to appreciate and to thank the Lord for.  The world cannot give peace. My Son is the Prince of Peace that gives peace to His people. Trust in Him. God is so generous in giving you, His people, talents, knowledge, and wealth for the benefits of others and the land.  People are just stewards to use them wisely.  They are not here to own it but to share it.

Be compassionate to your brothers and sisters.  Share your talents. You are accountable for these talents because one day, God will ask you, “Have you used the talents I gave you? Return them to Me with good profits from what you did on earth.”


The Blessed Mother looked at her children and said;

“My children you have comforted my heart because of your love for my Son, Jesus in receiving Him with love and faith at Holy Mass.”


Then, she looked on the priests, thanking them for joining the people at the mountain.  She said,

“You are the messengers and co-redemptors of God to the world, to bring God’s message and to speak the mystery of Heaven and God.   I ask all my children to pray for peace, to trust always in the Lord.  Go and be witness in spreading the Gospel of God everywhere.”


She also said,

“Your prayer intentions will always be brought to heaven. All the   rosaries and religious items are now blessed. Thank you so much for joining your Mother in prayers on this humble mountain.  I love you, my children. “


Then, she disappeared followed by the saints, and lastly the angels.

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