Message of Mother of Love, Peace and Joy to visionary Emma on September 7-8, 2009

Mt. of Salvation, Batangas City, Philippines | ll:45 P.M.

Emma:  I heard the voices of angels from above and I knelt down.  They were chanting in harmony.  Later, I looked up and I saw many bright lights of different colors descending.

The angels were chanting,

‘Our Lady is coming; let us make way.’ 

They formed an arc in front of me and I saw a bright golden light in the center.  I was excited to see the Blessed Mother appearing in the light.  The Blessed Mother was smiling and looking at the people and she’ looked at me.  She said,

“I am the Mother of love, peace and joy.  I come to bring peace to my children.”


I was happy and greeted her `Happy birthday, Blessed Mother.’   She answered,

 “It is not time yet my child, but I accept your greeting; thank you.”


Her lips were not moving, but I heard her voice and understood what she was saying.  I told the Blessed Mother that we are happy to be at the Mountain; that we wanted to be with her, even though it was raining and there was a storm.  She said to me,

 “Water is the source of life; water purifies the earth–it cleanses your body.  It gives me joy to see my priests who join with my children on this humble mountain.  You have the same minds and hearts and I ask you to be faithful and truthful to my Son (referring to the priests).  My Son gave you many, many virtues.    You should be an example through your virtues so others can grow spiritually in their daily lives.”


Blessed Mother looked upon the people and said,

“When you praise someone especially too much; this praise should be given to my Son.   Praise my Son always as I praise Him.  I know that you, my children, love me so much, but I ask you to love my Son more.  You hear flattering words from others and you think you can do all things because of these words.  My Son is the only One who knows you.  Do not be concerned about who is right or who is wrong.  Just be simple children.”


“The world is walking in darkness.  I ask you to pray more and more.  Through the prayers of my little children, the shadow of darkness is remove   I am calling my children who are faithful and love my Son, to go to the highways and the by-ways to spread the faith. Trust in Him.  Let the will of God be done in you; not your will, my children.   When the will of my Son reigns in your land, the years 2011 – 2015, a change in your country for the better will occur.  This is a grace and blessing that will come from my Son.  The heavens will open and light will shine upon your land.  I am your Mother who will always be with you.  I will bring all your prayer intentions to heaven.  A ll the religious articles, especially the rosaries, are blessed.  My presence will always be with every rosary you hold and pray.  This special soul you know is with me in heaven.   I love you my dear children.  Thank you for listening to my message”.


Then the Blessed Mother disappeared in the middle of the light.  The angels became lights and floated upward with Our Lady.


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