December 12, 2010 – Message

Emma:  There were many angels whom were chanting, and then the four saints appeared. I saw bright golden lights and then Our Lady came out from the middle of the light.   The Blessed Mother was wearing a golden mantle and golden sash. She said,

“I am your Mother who came down with the saints and angels to be with you in prayers. I thank you for the love and faith you offer to My Son Jesus. You are here in the beautiful archipelagos that My Son loves.”


“My children, be a strong link in the chain of My Son Jesus. Do not shorten this chain, but make it longer by connecting yourselves and never separating yourselves from Him. My Son, Jesus, will lock you in His Chain of Love.”


“Today, I call priests to be strong and to be firm. You are chosen to gather and teach your people to love and believe in My Son. Take a stand, defend your faith and the Church. Be courageous.”


“You are blessed to be here, my children, because you are with me and the saints and angels. We will bring your prayer requests to the Father in heaven. I am your Mother who will always protect and cover these islands with My mantle.”


“Peace to my little children. I love you.”


Then the Blessed Mother disappeared, followed by the saints and angels.


Mountain of Salvation / QPark, Compostela Cebu, Philippines  /  December 12, 2010

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