Message of Mother of Love, Peace and Joy to visionary Emma on December 12, 2011

Mountain of Salvation, Compostela, Cebu City, Philippines

Emma: Our Lady appeared around l:00 a.m.   Before the Blessed Mother came, the angels came first and they were chanting while suspended in the air. The Blessed Mother appeared and I saw this bright golden light and the Blessed Mother appeared in the middle of the bright golden light. She was wearing a golden mantle and a golden sash around her waist. Three Carmelite saints appeared with her; St. Theresa of Avila, St. Theresa of Lisieux and St. Mary Magdalene de Pazzi. The Blessed Mother looked upon the people and smiled with a beautiful sweet smile. I was happy to see our Blessed Mother smiling and I could feel that her message would be alright, unlike the message I received on December 8th.”


Blessed Mother:

 “I want to thank my children for the beautiful songs of worship and praise to My Son; all the prayers that you offered at the altar of God. Because of your singing and worshipping you offered this evening, you have comforted and consoled my heart.   I want to thank the priests who are here who celebrated the Holy Mass.

My children, there are two meanings of wisdom; wisdom in Heaven and wisdom on earth. Heavenly wisdom is a gift from God that cannot be bought or sold with precious jewels like pure gold or silver.   Wisdom on earth is also a gift from God.   However, earthly wisdom without God as the source, can deceive a person because earthly wisdom without God, lacks Heavenly wisdom.    All wisdom without God is useless because one would be deceiving God and others.   One must also have peace in their heart; but to receive pure peace, one must follow the will of God.

 One must also understand the meaning of obedience. When people understand obedience, they will learn to discipline their bodies, minds and souls.  That is why there must be obedience to the authority of the Church (God).  This is the Heavenly wisdom of God when practiced by all people.

I know that my children have their own problems.  I know that you are offering all your intentions to My Son.  I ask my children not to be afraid and not to worry because God loves you all and He will take care of all of His children throughout all struggles they encounter during their lives.  Do not worry; leave everything in God’s hands!

I thank you for being here and I will always be with you through your prayers.   I love you my dear children.”


The Blessed Mother disappeared followed by the three Carmelite saints and the angels.

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