Message of Mother of Love, Peace and Joy to visionary Emma on December 12, 2013

Mountain of Salvation, Q-Park, Compostela, Cebu

Emma: I saw angels coming down from the sky and they suspended themselves in front of the people. I felt peace in my heart while I was kneeling in prayer as I waited for Our Mother to come. Later on, there was a big bright golden light that appeared in the center. There were figures that formed on the bright golden light. I saw Our Lady, the three Carmelite Saints: St. Mary de Pazzi, St. Theresa of Avila and St. Therese of Lisieux, St. Faustina and St. John, the Beloved.

Blessed Mother spoke:

 “I am the Mother of Love, Peace and Joy. I come with the saints and angels to join with you in prayer. I ask my children to heal your lands through forgiveness and reconciliation in your hearts.  Humble yourselves and ask for forgiveness and reconcile yourselves with God. Return to the simple ways of life–to be with family and live according to the Will of God!


This is the Season of Advent, and I ask my children to remove all sadness when you celebrate Christmas, and experience love, peace, joy and hope in this world.


There is a reason for everything that happens in the world. When there are catastrophes that will occur, I ask my children not to be afraid.   In this darkness, God is with you.”


Emma: Then I received a personal message from Our Lady, that there was a soul who joined with them. I saw her and she had a radiant young face. She smiled at me and also smiled at the people. Finally, I recognized her face. I was so happy that I uttered her name. The Blessed Mother said,

‘This soul is in the nice place in Heaven. She is praying for her loved ones and wishes them to know she is very happy.”


Blessed Mother:

“Dear Children, I want you to continue to be faithful to the Lord, who is My Son Jesus.   Always trust in Him. Do not be afraid because God will always be with you. I love you, my dear children.”


Then Our Mother disappeared, followed by the saints and angels.


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