Message of Mother of Love, Peace and Joy to visionary Emma on December 08, 2008

Mt. of Salvation, Batangas, Philippines 

Emma: I heard the chanting of the angels, like a melody as they were saying,…

“Our Lady is coming; Our Lady is here.”

The Blessed Mother appeared in Her white gown, covered with a golden mantle and golden sash. She was elevated close to her statue (the new statue of the Mother of Love, Peace and Joy). The Blessed Mother was smiling and said,

“I thank God for allowing me to be with you in your time of prayers here on this humble mountain. You are here because of your love and faith in My Son Jesus. I am pleased to see my humble bishop, and priests who were chosen by God to unite themselves in prayers with my little children….


…What is happening this day is the plan and will of the Lord. Each of you are called and invited to be with your loving Mother. You have entered into this exciting moment of your pilgrimage here, and soon you will understand.”


She looked at her children with love and compassion and said again,

“I see your hearts as parents do, who have pains, problems, and worries during the journeys of their children. I want you to offer your loved ones in prayers, during the mass and to My Son, who always gives graces and blessings……I also ask my children to pray fervently on this bill that they wish to pass. Pray that this bill not go through. Do you think if this bill is passed that it would be good for your people and your land? This is not the Will of My Son. His Will is for the good of His children, and that His Divine plan will be fulfilled, if you will just follow Him. What is the use of My visit if you will not listen to my messages? The messages I gave to my children from generation to generation are also messages of My Son. You are not only destroying your body, but also your soul.”


The Blessed Mother continued and looked at her statue and said;

“Thank you for responding to my request to put my image on this Mountain. Even though it is not my true likeness, it came from your hearts and your love for your Mother.”


The Blessed Mother went inside the statue and was moving there. I was surprised to see that the eyes of the statue moved and looked so beautiful.   She said again,

“I thank you for all the flowers you offered on the altar, but you are the most beautiful flowers in the garden of my heart.”


I said to the Blessed Mother, `Happy Feast Day, Blessed Mother,’ and then she was smiling at me and said,

“Happy birthday, my child; I love you my dear children. Thank you for loving My Son’.”


Then the Blessed Mother disappeared into the statue.

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