Message of Mother of Love, Peace and Joy to visionary Emma on September 8, 2007

Mt. of Salvation, Batangas City, Philippines

Emma: I heard the angels singing as if saying to me

“Here comes Our Lady”


So I got down on my knees. I looked up and saw lights moving and shining down. They changed their form and became angels. They are covered with a very beautiful transparent white light. An arc of light formed in the middle of the angels. A figure became clearer and clearer and I saw the Blessed Mother on that light. I greeted the Blessed Mother with a happy birthday song. She also greeted me on my anniversary (Her 17th year of Apparition to me).

 The Blessed Mother was smiling at me and she said,

“I am the Mother of Love, Peace and Joy. I thank God for allowing me to come down to be with you.”

She looked around smiling at her children.

“Thank you my children for greeting me on my special day and receiving my Son at the Holy Mass.”

She thanked us also for the many flowers that were offered around the altar.

“You are here not only to be with me but also you are offering all your intentions to my Son and to receive inspirations. I can feel all your sufferings especially for your loved ones and your illnesses. I know the problems of my children, your relations as husbands and wives. I am your Mother who will always comfort you. Continue your prayers and trust my Son for He always listens to His children. His answer will come upon you for He knows what is best for His children, IN HIS TIME.


The Blessed Mother continues,

“I am grateful for my little priest (Fr. Emil Santos) who spoke about Mariology. In speaking of this teaching, my children will know more about me but especially my Son, whom I love so much.”


“My desire is to place my image here as your Mother of Love Peace and Joy, so you will always remember me. I am also a Mother of Sorrows who weeps for the sins of my children. Do not focus on negativity, or loose hope.”


“On the mountain that you have been, my child, I desire my image to be placed there to be named Mother of Love, Peace and Joy. I am the Mother of All Grace. Come my children, come to the Mountain of Salvation. On this mountain, I will take you to my Son. We will be all together in the Kingdom of God. What He said He will do, what He promised He will fulfill, in a matter of His time. I want you my children to continue to be faithful to Him.   Respond to His request to bring the message of His Love Peace and Joy.”


“You are the flowers in my garden and that is the Garden of Faith. You make my garden beautiful.”


“I love you my dear children.”


Then the Blessed Mother disappeared accompanied by the angels.

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