Message of Mother of Love, Peace and Joy to visionary Emma on December 08, 2015

Sto. Nino Chapel Monte Maria, Pagkilatan, Batangas City | 12:59 AM

Emma: I saw our Mother of Love Peace and Joy, together with St. Joseph, St Peregrine (recognized him because of his wounds on the right leg) and three angels. She was smiling at her children and with her arms open wide; she looked down and said:

“I, your Mother desire to unite your hearts together to serve My Son truthfully and purely. God has placed you in His tapestry. If there is one piece that does not put to its proper place, it will not be done perfectly. Each piece has to be molded and to be purified.”

The Blessed Mother continues and said:

“God is Love, who gives peace and happiness in the hearts of His people. When you serve Him, you must be patient, understanding, humble and not confused at all.”

“I ask my children to focus always at the Altar of my Son, to talk to Him, so as to receive the guidance, which He, Himself has given to His apostles.”

The Blessed Mother looked at me with a beautiful smile: She said,

“your mission is for unity and peace. You were brought here because of the respect and truthfulness of your heart. God wants you to remain simple, humble, obedient and to follow His Will. If confusion is present in you and among you, My Son will lead you to a road for a new journey until you fulfill the mission He gave you.”

“The door to My Son’s tapestry is widely opened. Everyone is welcome, if your heart is ready to be molded and to be pure. It is very beautiful.” May God lead you all to His plan, that His Will be done in your lands.”

“Thank you very much for joining with me in prayer and offering beautiful flowers at the foot of the Altar.”

The Blessed Mother looked upon the priests and said:

“Thank you dear sons for uniting your hearts in prayer with your people. Thank you my dear son for guiding your flock.”

“I will bring your prayers and petitions to Heavenly Father. I love you my dear children.”


Then the Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, and St. Peregrine disappeared, followed by the three angels.


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