Message of Mother of Love, Peace and Joy to Visionary Emma C. de Guzman

12:17 A.M. Mt. of Salvation, Q-Park I, Compostela, Cebu

Emma said:

I was in meditative prayer waiting for the signs in the sky.  Then later, I heard the chanting of angels coming down from the sky.  I knelt down and continued in prayer.  I saw angels.  They were surrounding in front of me and formed themselves like an arch.  There was a bright golden light in the middle, and then Our Mother of Love, Peace and Joy came out from the golden light, together with Saint Magdalen de Pazzi, St. Teresa of Avila, St. Therese of Lisieux, St. John, the apostle, St. Faustina and St. Peregrine.

The Blessed Mother said:

“My children, I am your mother and come down from heaven to bring the peace and joy of My Son Jesus Christ.”

She looked upon her children and she said:  

“It is nice to see you here praying together with your children.  This is a gift for you to enjoy this beauty of God’s creation and to be with me in prayer, together with the saints and angels during my visits.  This will be a place to bring your children to pray, and to be safe.”

Something is going to happen.  I ask you to be aware.  Do not be afraid, my children and be strong.  Whatever you see, you feel and hear, be not afraid.   Pray and trust in the Lord.  It is God who will intervene for what is going to happen, in His Will.”

The Blessed Mother continued and she said, 

“This is a time of Advent, a time for forgiveness and reconciliation, love, unity and peace, before God and within the family.  Gather your loved ones and if you have not said, I am sorry, or I love you, do it now.  You may not be able to say this; because it may be too late.”

“I am your mother who will always be here to help, to guide, to pray with you and bring your hearts to My Son’s Sacred Heart. I will bring your intercessory prayer requests to heaven.  I love you, my dear children.  Thank you very much.  Peace to all.”

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