Message of Mother of Love, Peace and Joy to visionary Emma C. de Guzman on December 12, 2020

Montemaria, Pagkilatan, Batangas City

I was in meditative prayer when I heard the chanting of angels coming from the sky.

I saw the angels coming down and they formed an arch in front of me. A bright golden light appeared in the middle of the arch. The Blessed Mother came out from the golden light. She was accompanied by the three Carmelite saints: St Mary Magdalen de Pazzi, St. Teresa of Avila, St. Therese of Lisieux, St. Faustina and St. Peregrine

The Blessed Mother looked upon us and she said:

“I am your Mother who comes to give you peace, comfort and consolation, within your hearts, my children. I am here once again to be with you in prayer, together with the saints and angels.”

“I feel the sorrows and pains which inflict the hearts of my children. Your journeys in this world are not easy. Sometimes, you cannot endure them. Remember, my children, that adversity will come into your lives, in many ways, but, I ask you to remain strong and to handle this without fear. You will not be able to avoid this adversity, no matter where you hide.”

“My Son, Jesus, is your hope. Do not be afraid. Leave everything in the good hands of God. Trust in Him always. He knows your weakness. He will help and guide you, my children. Face the adversity with God’s grace and you will be alright. Peace to you all. I will be with you in prayer. I love you my dear children.”

Then the Blessed Mother disappeared followed by the saints and angels.

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