Message of Mother of Love, Peace and Joy  to visionary Emma on December 08, 2018

Mountain of Salvation, Monte Maria, Pagkilatan, Batangas City, Philippines

I was in meditative prayer when I heard the chanting of the angels from above. I knelt down and listened to their chanting as if the message was, that Our Lady is coming and I had to prepare myself for her visit.

I saw many angels coming down and they formed an arch in the middle. There was a bright golden light that appeared in the middle. Later on, Our Mother of Love, Peace and Joy appeared, followed by St. Magdalene de Pazzi, St. Teresa of Avila, St. Therese of Lisieux, St. John the Apostle, St. Faustina and St. Peregrine. They were smiling at the people.

The Blessed Mother looked upon us with a sweet smile.

She said,

 ” May the gift of peace be upon you my children. I thank God that He allowed me to visit you, together with the saints and angels in this beautiful place.”

She looked around upon the people and said;

” I desire this place where I visit my children to be a Garden of Prayer. This place will bring you peace in your heart, because I am with you in prayer as well as the saints and angels.”

“You are my garden, dear children. I want you all to make my garden beautiful. Pray and have peace in your hearts. Chaos is everywhere. The Church is being attacked and priests are being persecuted; some because of their own mistakes. Please pray for them.”

The Blessed Mother looked upon the people and her beautiful face became sad. She said,

” I know all the struggles and difficulties you are going through. I feel your disappointments, discouragement, your anxieties, frustrations, your sickness and sorrow in your hearts. Do you know, my children, when I see you sad, I, your Mother am sad also? When I see you crying, I also cry. I am praying for you, my children because I love you. I ask you to remain in the presence of God. Have trust and be faithful to Him.”

” There will be a time when one of your loved ones will not be here anymore; but there is a new life that will exist. Your journey has to continue and to move forward. God allows this to happen. It is your journey. He knows what is best for you.”

“I thank you for joining with me here in prayer, together with the saints and angels. Thank especially the apostles of God who continue to guide their flock.”

She was looking at the priests.

“All your prayers petitions will be offered to the Altar of God. I am pleased to see the beautiful flowers you always offer, the music, songs of prayer, and religious articles you lay before me.”
“I love you my dear children. Thank you for being here.”


Then Our Lady disappeared followed by the saints and angels.

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