March 07, 2004 – Message From Soledad Gaviola (+) in Kingston, Ontario


It was 12:00 a.m. when we gathered in prayers at La Pieta Kingston.  The occasion was for the second year death anniversary of Sol Gaviola.

We were praying the Rosary and during this time (1:05 a.m.), I spiritually experienced the presence of Sol accompanied by two angels.  Sol was very beautiful and her face is so radiant.  I was happy to see her, she was smiling at me. She said to me,

“I thank God for giving me the gift of being able to come down to be with all of you, on my anniversary.  Thank you so much for your prayers and beautiful flowers you offered at my tomb.  I 
heard all your sharing and they are beautiful.  Suffering is a gift.  If you offer your sufferings (spiritual, physical, emotional) to the foot of the cross, you will have a better place in heaven.  If you suffer so much in this place (referring to earth) and when you offer this to the foot of the cross with peace in your heart, the cross takes you to God’s Kingdom.  You have a beautiful place there.  I am very happy that I am there.  There is 
eternal peace and joy.  The Kingdom is so beautiful.   There is no comparison.  You can never imagine.  It is indescribable.

“Look at me, I am perfect.  I have no wounds.  I have no pain anymore.”


Sol came closer to me and she touched my arms and she said,

“I don’t wear this anymore.”  (She was referring to my pajama I was wearing.)

“I watch over each of you.  When you pray, I am there and also some holy souls.  We bring your prayers to heaven, and they become as perfume offered to the altar of God.  Your mission to the Philippines will be on your special day.  The Beloved Mother will appear to you on your birthday.  This will be the start of your mission.  I know that you are getting weak my friend.  I know that you always fall.  Remember what the Lord told you when you fall?  ‘Get up my child, get up!  You have a mission to do.’  And this 
is what I say to you also, get up my friend.  Do not give up.  Be strong.  This is the mission of Pieta.  This is our mission.  This is the mission of our Blessed Mother.

“I have to go now.  I love you all.”

Sol was smiling at me and said,  “Tell them I have no gold dusts to give you.”  I waved my hand good-bye and she disappeared with the two angels beside her.


Kingston, Ontario  /  March 07, 2004  /  1:05 a.m.

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