September 08, 2016-Message

Message of Mother of Love, Peace and Joy to visionary Emma on September 08, 2016

Mt. of Salvation, Pagkilatan, Batangas City | 12:30 A.M.

Emma: I heard the chanting of many angels behind me and I turned around.  I saw them suspended in the air forming an arch.  A bright golden light appeared in the middle and I was so happy to see our Mother of love, peace and joy, together with 3 Carmelite saints ( St. Therese of Lisieux, St. Teresa of Avila, St. Magdalen de Pazzi), St John, the Apostle, St. Faustina and St. Peregrine.  They were looking down at us and smiling.

The Blessed Mother said,

“I am your mother who comes to bring peace to my children.  She looked upon us and said: “I am very pleased with the big preparation my children did in this place, the excitement and joy I see on your faces, with no tiredness during the procession when the Blessed Sacrament was being carried by my dearest son ( it was Archbishop  Arguelles who was holding the Monstrance).  ” What a joy in my immaculate heart to be with you, my children, together with beautiful apostles of God who always bring My Son to the hearts of their people.”

Looking around again she said:

“look at this creation of God given to the people.  This is a gift for you, appreciate it with thanksgiving.  I am here to ask my children to unite your hearts together in prayer.  Your land still needs healing because peace is not happening.   I am asking my children to remove your hatred towards one another.  Do not look back on the past where you can’t find peace.  You must forgive and forget the past; so you will be able to move on and to receive peace in your hearts.”

“I am your Mother who will always be at your side, to protect you under my mantle, and to bring you all to My Son’s Sacred Heart.  He is Merciful to His people when they come back to Him.”

“In this place, multitude of prayers will be happening because the saints and angels and your Mother will be united in your prayer.  Mother Mary looked down on the priests with a beautiful smile and said; “thank you dear sons for being with your brothers and sisters.”

“Your intercessory prayer requests will be offered to the Altar of God in heaven.  I love you my dear children. “


Our Lady disappeared followed by the saints and angels.



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