Message of Mother of Love, Peace and Joy to visionary Emma on September 8, 2018

Mt. of Salvation, Montemaria, Pagkilatan, Batangas City, Philippines | 12:20 AM

Emma: I was praying deeply when I heard the voices of angels chanting in the sky. I saw many of them coming down. I knelt and continued my prayer. Then, I saw a bright golden light in the middle, and our Mother of Love, Peace and Joy appeared in the middle of the light, together with St Magdalen de Pazzi, St Teresa of Avila, St Therese of Lisieux, St Faustina, St John, the Apostle, and St Peregrine.


She said,

“I am your Mother who comes to bring the gift of Peace to my children. I have come here to visit you and not to confuse the minds of my children. I am here to join with you in prayer and to let you know that My Son loves His children. I, your mother also loves you very much.”

“My children, the confusion that is happening in the world is because of your own interests. You are thinking that only you are right in what you do. Do not focus on the negative thoughts of others.  I ask of you to open your hearts and listen to the hearts of others too. Why do you not give a chance to your brothers and sisters, to share their gifts that God has given them, so the world will receive peace, love and harmony”.

“I am here not only to pray with you but also to ask my children to forgive each other, in the way God wants, so you may feel peace in your hearts. You will only feel this grace if you will follow the Will of God”.


The Blessed Mother looked upon the priests and she said,

“I thank you, sons of my Son, for being with your brothers and sisters. You have become little children sharing yourselves with others in your humble ways. I love you, my sons. Please be strong and be faithful as His apostles to lead your people in the right way”

Mother Mary looked upon the people with a sweet smile and she said;

“I hear all your prayers and petitions, my children. I know the difficulties and struggles you encounter, the separations within the family, relationships, sicknesses. Your prayers and intentions are protected and these will be lifted to Heaven”.

The Blessed Mother looked at me and gave a personal message. I was surprised when I saw that my hands were full of bright golden lights and I started to feel my hands. Then later, other saints appeared. I recognized them. They were St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta and St. Pope John Paul II. They were looking at us. I was so happy to kiss their hands.

Mother Mary said;

“Today, I desire that you pray constantly to God in the presence of the many saints and angels who are praying with you here on this Holy Ground.”

“Thank you for the beautiful flowers and songs of worship that you offer in praising my Son. I love you my dear children”.


Then, our Lady disappeared followed by the saints and angels.

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