Message of Mother of Love, Peace and Joy to visionary Emma on September 08, 2020

Mt. of Salvation, Montemaria, Pagkilatan Batangas City, Philippines

Emma: I saw angels coming down from the sky. They formed an arch in front of me and a bright golden light appeared in the middle of the arch.

The Blessed Mother came out from the golden light , followed by St. Teresa of Avila , St Magdalen de Pazzi, St. Therese of Lisieux, St. John the Apostle, St. Faustina and St. Peregrine. Two spirits, (a male and a female) appeared at the side of the saints. I recognized the female but not the male.

At first I was excited when I saw Our Mother, but as I looked at her, she had a sad look on her face. I felt heaviness in my heart as if her message to us would not be good to hear.

Our Mother looked upon us and she said:

“My dear children, this is your Mother who comes to bring peace within your hearts.”


Her voice was sad but I could still feel her love for us as the “the Mother”. As I saw her teary eyes, tears began to drop onto her beautiful face, from her left eye only. I cannot control my emotions even though I had not yet heard what she was going to say.

I cried and said to her:  Please mother, do not cry. We love you and we are happy to be here to pray with you during your visit and to greet you on your special day.

The Blessed Mother said:

“I am sad because many of my children are not listening and do not follow my request. I have been visiting my children many times and until now you offend my Son, especially hurting His Sacred Heart. How many times have you rejected my Son and did not accept Him as your Lord? How much longer will you hurt His Sacred Heart because of the impurity in His Church?

My request is simple and that is: to love Him, to be faithful to Him, to put your trust in Him, to change your bad actions into good. Instead of changing yourself to become good, you have become selfish. You do not care about others. You do not reach out to others to help. You have anger instead towards each other. You only look upon yourself as being right in what you do, even though you do what is wrong. You are not concerned about the life of your brothers and sisters. There is no fear of God. There is no love, no compassion. Look at what is happening now my children. Is this what you want to see, your brothers and sisters suffering and dying? This is not the will of God. You want your ways which are not according to God’s ways.”

I keep crying and crying because of her sadness. I can feel that we are hurting the heart of the “Mother”.

The Blessed Mother said:

“My children, come to my Son and follow His will. You are on earth to do God’s Will, not your own. If you choose His Will in humility, then my Son will manifest in you because of your love for Him. He will protect you from many consequences that may arise in this world. “Trust in Him.”
“Today, I your Mother, ask you to continue to pray more. Remain little lights of God and never lose sight of Him. My Jesus loves you very much. He will never abandon you. Peace to all. Your intentions will be offered to the altar of God. I love you my dear children.”

Then the Blessed Mother disappeared, followed by the saints and angels and the two spirits.

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