September 8, 2002 – Message of Mother of the World, New Jersey

“I am the Mother of the world, the Mother of Love, Peace and Joy.” Referring to all who gather in prayer she said, “You are the Army of God, the prayer warriors who do not go to war. There are many prayer warriors in all parts of the world to pray for peace in this world that is still in darkness because of hatred, violence, destruction and killings, especially of my babies.”


Then she said,

“I love you my child. I love you my children.”

“Soon you will be going to your homeland. God loves the little people of that land. My children who are strong in their faith follow my Son. Even through the midst of their many sufferings and trials they still come to my Son. You will go to the mountains and bring the simple message of love, peace, and joy. In your simplicity and nothingness, you will do the mission. It will not be easy. God has already chosen the people who will be with you. The simple message of love, peace and joy will be very powerful. Love one another for love is the greatest gift from God. Unite your heart in love with your brothers and sisters and peace will come upon all people for my Son is King of that land. They will know you for my Son lives in you. My Son already called and chose His Apostles (the priests) to unite together to help fulfill this mission of peace. The eyes of many will open. The powerful will be humbled. This little island will be the example for the surrounding nations to imitate.”

“One day everyone will be on their knees in prayer calling on Jesus’ name. What is written is written. What my Son promised, He will do. What He said will be fulfilled.”

“I thank you all when ever you pray. I pray with you and even in your thoughts, I am present. Thank you very much my child. Thank you very much my children. Thank my Son for the graces. Offer all your petitions to God and I will take them with me.”


Marian Manor,  New Jersey / September 8, 2002 / Recorded by: Dr. Linda Aquino of Connesville, PA

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