Welcome to La Pieta International Prayer Group

We invite everyone to walk in the journey of faith to the Mountain of Salvation (which is Jesus) together with our Mother of Love, Peace and Joy, the Holy Saints and Angels through the messages given to Emma together with the La Pieta International Prayer Group.


Vigil at the Mountain of Salvation


Join us as we celebrate the Nativity of Our Blessed Mother in the Philippines. Click the image below to see the schedule of activities. 



The Mountain of Salvation


The video God’s Heaven on Earth (right-side) showcases the on-going construction and development of the Mt. of Salvation at Montemaria, Pagkilatan, Batangas City, Philippines– a beautiful prayer garden with hermitages, prayer house and support buildings dedicated to our Mother of Love, Peace and Joy.


We send our heartfelt appreciation to the people who opened their hearts and offered their acts of service, kindness and generosity for the support on this project. For more information for the on-going construction and maintenance of this spiritual place, please contact us.



What is Pieta?

Pieta (derived from the Latin Pietas), is an Italian word that means pity, compassion and sorrow.  La Pieta signifies loyalty to the highest degree. A profound Love of God that neither life nor death can destroy. The classic meaning of the word is the whole-soul abiding in the Divine Will, but also represent a work of art of the dead body of Jesus in the arms of His mother. 


Our Mission and Vision


We, the La Pieta Prayer Group, centered on the Eucharist, consecrated to the Blessed Mother, inspired by God to imitate her virtues, and loyal to the Roman Catholic Church, strive to live a life of total surrender to the Holy Will of God by spreading Love, Peace and Joy.


December 12, 2020 Message to Emma

“My Son, Jesus, is your hope. Do not be afraid. Leave everything in the good hands of God. Trust in Him always”


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December 8, 2019 Message to Emma

“Something is going to happen. I ask you to be aware. Do not be afraid, my children and be strong. Whatever you see, you feel and hear, be not afraid. Pray and trust in the Lord. It is God who will intervene for what is going to happen, in His Will.”



Prayer Requests